Engineered Cable


Data Center SkewClear Cables


Engineered Cable

Spectra-Strip’s SkewClear® product line of flat internal or round external high precision bulk cable is designed to be scalable for high frequency applications carrying from 10Gb to 50Gb ++ signals. In cables such as this, minimum insertion loss, minimum deviation, and flattest possible frequency response over a wide band is critical for successful signal recovery in either active or passive cables. Precision extrusion, pair shielding, and cabling are key elements necessary for consistent performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry standard Mini SAS HD, SFP+ and QSFP+ product line ranging from 30 AWG to 24 AWG
  • Unique 32 AWG EXD QSFP cable for small diameter (.170 OD) and 30GHz+ performance without resonance
  • Internal SAS and PCIe cables with dual drain wires for 100, 92, or 85 ohm connectivity