ExpressPort SFP+

Data Center

Amphenol’s ExpressPort™ SFP+ 1xN connector, when combined with the ExpressPort™ SFP+ cage, provides data transfer speeds of up to 25 Gbps. This is the highest speed in the market for the SFP+ series. The design of the ExpressPort™ SFP+ connector minimizes impedance discontinuities and reflections at high data rates, and provides a 10 to 20 dB improvement in Near-End Crosstalk. The connectors accept multiple transceivers per SFF-8431 and are compliant with SFF-8081 and SFF-8083 specifications. Our unique ExpressPort™ SFP+ cage features enhanced EMI shielding options in the form of metal spring fingers or elastomeric gaskets. Ganged versions are compliant with the SFF-8433 standard. The ExpressPort™ SFP+ 2xN combos consist of an integrated stacked connector system and a cage with compliant press-it pins or solder tail.

Spec Sheet

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