External Mini SAS HD

Data Center

The Mini-SAS High Density Interconnect is the next generation SAS system, with 4x, 8x and 16x cable-plugging options to provide faster data transmission and more bandwidth for end users. Our Mini-SAS HD is designed to be compliant with the SFF-8644 standard. It is also designed to save space with its increased density and reduced size as compared to the Mini-SAS 2.0. The Mini-SAS HD connector system has a 2-row, right angle connector with 12 Gbps per channel. Each connector handles 4 lanes of data for up to 48 Gbps of total bandwidth. Ganged options are also available up to a 1x4 con􀏐iguration for up to 192 Gbps of total bandwidth. This connector will mate with active copper and optical cable assemblies, as well as active pluggable modules for extended-length applications in data centers. Main applications for Mini-SAS HD include HBA Servers, storage devices, and switches in data centers.

Spec Sheet 1

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