PRIZM® LT Assemblies

Data Center

PRIZM® LightTurn® assemblies are designed for high speed board parallel optical modules. The lens arrayed ferrule attached directly to the optical module and turns the light path 90 degrees using an internal reflection surface within the ferrule body. Amphenol is able to offer PRIZM LT to PRIZM LT assemblies and PRIZM LT to MPO assemblies with OM3 and OM4 fibers in ribbon or round cable in fiber counts 12 and 24 fibers.

The advantages of PRIZM LT assemblies are:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Consistent loss across the array
  • Collimated light beam is less sensitive to particulate debris and scratching

PRIZM® and LightTurn® are registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd.

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