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Commercial 38999, Series III Type Composite Connectors,the Amphe-Lite Connector Series is designed for communications equipment manufacturers with signal, power, RF or fiber optic interconnect requirements in harsh environments such as communication towers, outdoor and roof-top applications. This commercial 38999, Series III type composite connector series is ideal for communications equipment, manufacturing process control and medical equipment.The Amphe-Lite offers the highest performance capabilities for severe environment applications, and yet is cost effective enough for general duty and non-environmental applications.

The non-magnetic Amphe-Lite is another variation of the highly reliable industrial multi-pin interconnect that is ideal for a variety of applications.MRI equipment is one example of an application where the nonmagnetic Amphe-Lite connector is the ideal solution.With up to128 size 22D contacts in one connector, the non-magnetic Amphe-Lite is one of the highest density
connectors, and it is one of the few 100% non-magnetic connectors available today. Not only are 22D, 20, 16 and 12 size standard contacts available, but also “Combo-C”arrangements of high speed copper contacts can be incorporated. Amphenol ACT flex circuits can also be supplied attached to the receptacle for easy installation.

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