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The new H4 UTX™ from Amphenol Industrial Solar Technologies (AIST) is a robust DC connector triple-certified to UL 6703 1000V, EN50521 1500V (Class A), and JET 1500V specifications, making it currently the only connector available for usage in all major global PV markets. The H4 UTX™ is an evolution of AIST’s well-known H4 connector, with the same solar industry-standard mating compatibility, Amphenol’s low resistance RADSOK® contact technology, ability to accept wire gauges from 14AWG/2.5mm² to 8 AWG/10mm², and an IP68 rating. An enhancement over the H4, is the H4 UTX™’s ratcheting gland back nut, which prevents backspin once the nut is tightened. The amount and characteristics of materials used to make the UTX™ have resulted in a more efficient and optimized design. By using gland nuts, environmental gaskets, wire-retention collets, and contacts that accept multiple wire gauges, part count goes down and cost-savings goes up. AIST’s H4 UTX™ connector is the ideal choice for all PV modules and installations around the world.

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