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PT, the large family of miniature proprietary and MS style connectors provides for many optional features and designs. In addition to the choices of bayonet or threaded shells, solder or crimp termination within the style variations, there are additional options that are shown here.

Hermetically sealed receptacles have fused compression glass sealed inserts which provide envionrmental moisture sealing. There are three hermetic styles within the PT bayonet series and three hermetic styles within the PC threaded series.

Coaxial Contacts
Amphenol Miniature connectors can incorporate shielded coax contacts. Size 8 and 12 crimp coax contacts are available in PT-SE, SP-SE, MS/PT-SE. Factory installed size 8 and 12 solder type coax contacts are available in PT, SP,MS/PT connectors.
Printed Circuit Board Tail Contacts
PT bayonet connectors in box mounting receptacle and jam nut receptacle styles are available with printed circuit board contacts. Standard PCB tails for MIL-C-26482 connectors have gold plating, .0050 inches over nickel.

Flex Circuitry
Flex termination assemblies for attaching cylindrical connectors to printed circuit boards are
available through the Amphenol division ACT, Advanced Circuit Technology. Flex can be used with miniature 26482 connectors and it can be designed to meet specific length, urrent carrying capacity and to fit the precise geometric shape of the connector to board package. Flex circuity plugs into a printed circuit board and creates a self-locking terminal pad which eliminates the need for an additional interconnect to the PCB.

Breakaway, Twist Pull Miniatures
Quick disconnect “breakaway” styles are shown in this catalogs. These are available in PT solder style plugs (page 26), PT-SE crimp style plugs (page 38) or PT-CE crimp style plugs. Quick disconnect of the connector plug from the receptacle is ccomplished with axial pull on the lanyard. This instant decoupling and damage free separation is ideal for weapons release and blind or difficult accessibility situations. Separation forces vary per connector series. The plug and receptacle need to be fully mated before disengagement by the lanyard pull.

Filter Protection
Amphenol offers the FPT Series which combines the miniature PT series with an EMI filter. Designed to provide EMI protection for sensitive circuits, each circuit is individually filtered within the connector, eliminating the need for costly and bulky exterior network filters. Filter contacts are available in MF, HF, VHF, and UHF ranges and are intermateable and intermountable with MIL-C- 26482 connectors. For further information see catalog 12-120, Amphenol EMI Filter Transient Protection Connectors.

Overmolded Cable
Overmold seals and cables can be designed for almost any industrial application. A variety of materials are available: neoprene, hypalon and others; and a variety of lengths can be designed to meet customer specifications. Overmold seals to the rear of the connector and to the cable jacket providing moisture sealing.

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