Data Center

Amphenol QSF copper cable assemblies are a high performance cost effective interconnect solutions supporting Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, SAS and SONET/SDH applications. QSFP copper mdules provide a high density, high bandwidth solution at a very lowe cost and reduced power budget. Amphenols high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed industry standards for performance and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Four channel transmit and receive
  • 10Gbps per channel capacity
  • Copper link lenght uo to 15m (active limiting)
  • 3X Port density over SFP Precision process control for minimization of pair-to-pair skew
  • Low crosstalk Pull-to-release latch
  • Compliant to QSFP
  • MSA Applications Fibre Channel Infiniband, DDR, QDR 10/40Gb Ethernet Switches, Routers, and HBA's Enterprise Data Center
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) & Storage more of everything

Spec Sheet

Contact cables@amphenol-highspeed.com or call 607-754-4444 for more information