High Speed Interconnect
Data CenterHigh Speed Backplane and Mezzanine
Data CenterXCede®
Data CenterXCede® HD
Data CenterXCede® Plus
Data CenterInfinX™

data centerHigh Speed IO Connectors

Data CenterExpressPort SFP+
Data CenterExpressPort QSFP+
Data CenterUltraPort SFP+ SMT
Data CenterUltraPort SFP+ Stacked
Data CenterUltraPort QSFP+ SMT
Data CenterUltraPort QSFP+ Stacked
Data CenterCXP
Data CenterSFP
Data CenterCFP2
Data CenterCFP4

Storage Interconnect

Data CenterSerial Attached SCSI(SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA)
Data Center6G SATA /Micro SATA
Data Center6G/12G SAS & 12G Micro SAS
Data Center12G SCSI Express(PCIe-SAS)

data centerMemory Interconnect

Data CenterDDR4 DIMM Connector
Data CenterM.2 Connector

Mini SAS and Mini SAS HDMini SAS and Mini SAS HD

Data CenterInternal Mini SAS
Data CenterInternal Mini SAS HD
Data CenterExternal Mini SAS
Data CenterExternal Mini SAS HD

High Speed Cable Solutions

Data CenterQSFP AOC
Data CenterMini SAS HD


Data CenterQSFP+
Data CenterQSFP


Data CenterSFP+
Data CenterSFP

Data CenterMini SAS HD

Engineered CableEngineered Cable

Data CenterSFP+
Data CenterSFP 28 Gb
Data CenterQSFP+ to QSFP+
Data CenterQSFP 28 Gb tp QSFP 28 Gb
Data CenterCXP
Data CenterMini SAS HD
Data CenterSAS Internal Ribbon
Data CenterPCIe Internal Ribbon

Internal & Accessory Cables

Mini SAS (6G / 12G)Mini SAS (6G / 12G)
Data Center12G 36P Mini SAS Straight to Straight
Data Center12G 36P Mini SAS Straight to R/A
Data Center6G 36P Mini SAS Straight to 4X Sata (Fan Out)
Data Center12G Mini SAS 68P Straight to Mini SAS 68P Straight

Data CenterHD Mini SAS (6G / 12G)

Data CenterHD Mini SAS 36P Straight to 36P Straight
Data CenterHD Mini SAS 36P Left Side-Exit to Mini SAS 36P
Data Center12G HD Mini SAS 36P Straight to 4X SAS 22P and Power
Data Center12G HD Mini SAS 72P Straight to HD Mini SAS 72P

SlimSAS Cable- 24G (SFF-8654)SlimSAS Cable- 24G (SFF-8654)

Data CenterInternal 24G 4X SlimSAS Straight to Straight
Data CenterInternal 24G 8X SlimSAS Straight to Straight

SFF-8639 (PCIe)SFF-8639 (PCIe)

Data CenterSFF-8639 68P Straight to SFF-8639 68P Straight
Data CenterSFF-8639 68P Straight + PWR to 36P HD Mini SAS

Fiber Optic Solutions

PRIZM® Based Lensed Array Connector SystemsPRIZM® Based Lensed Array Connector Systems
Data CenterPRIZM® LT Assemblies

High Density MPO ComponentsHigh Density MPO Components

Data CenterMPO Pull Tabs
Data CenterMPO Loopback
Data CenterMPO Stackable Adapters
Data CenterMPO Flexible Boots

Fiber Management PanelsFiber Management Panels

Data CenterCable Clamps
Data CenterLGX Rack Mount Panels
Data CenterHigh Density Rack Mount Panels
Data CenterMPO Cassette Modules

Network Cabling

Structured Cable AssembliesStructured Cable Assemblies
Data CenterTracable Patchcords
Data CenterMPO Cable Assemblies
Data CenterLC Patchcords

Power Solutions

Standard and Custom PowerStandard and Custom Power
Data CenterCoolPower® SlimDrawer
Data CenterCoolPower® Mezzanine Power
Data CenterCustom CoolPower®
Data CenterEnergy Edge
Data CenterEnergy Razor

Power DistributionPower Distribution

Power DistributionSingle Layer Bus Bar
Data CenterMulti Layer / Laminated
Data CenterEnhanced Bus Bar Solutions

Data CenterPower Cabling

Data CenterPower Lug
Data CenterApplication Specific Cable Assemblies
Data CenterHigh Power sheilded cabeling

Infrastructure Energy Solutions

Data CenterNeptune
Data CenterWind-Lok
Data CenterAmphe-Power


Data CenterH4 UTX
Data CenterHercules II
Data CenterSolar Cable

Power DistributionPower Distribution

data centerCable Glands & Cord Grips
data centerSur Lok
data centerPT
data centerAmphe-Lite
data centerGT
data centerMax-M12
data centerAmphe-Lug

Environmental Control

Telaire Building Automation SensorsBuilding Automation and Sensor Products
data centerTelaire Building Automation Systems
data centerTelaire Humidity and Temperature Sensors
data centerTemperature Thermistors
data centerInfared Temperature Sensors
data centerInrush Current Limiters
data centerPTC Thermistors
data centerImmersion Temperature Probes